Meet Our Team

Or should we say, meet your team. Because our team is your team.
A different type of agency means a different type of team.
An agency like ours requires a special set of people - ones who can intertwine multiple creative disciplines, can blend smarts & arts, and who can work quickly & thoroughly. Thank goodness we found them. Check out some of our senior staff below.
Aly MacGregor

Aly, aka “El Presidente”, is based out of our London & Toronto offices. She is obsessed with Latin, has been known to send emails in her sleep, and can be reached at

Torrent Pietzsch
Account Executive

Torren, aka “Almond Milk”, is based out of our London office. He is crazy about 2 things: hummus, and building brands people fall in love with. You can reach him at

JooEun Yoo
Account Executive

JooEun, aka “Ms. Efficient”, is based out of our London office. She believes that multitasking is a virtue, is passionate about travelling, and can be reached at

Farrah Sinclair
PR Architect

Farrah, aka “The Butterfly”, is based out of our London office. She still memorises phone numbers, is bizarrely obsessed with hair, and can be reached at

Nick Shreeves
Design Developer

Nick, aka “Jolly Old Saint”, is based out of our London office. He will likely name his first child Adobe, he eats Marmite with everything, and he can be reached at

Erika Jablonky
Sr. Brand Coordinator

Erika, aka “That Girl”, is based out of our Toronto office. She’s pretty basic but only in being, not thinking, and you can reach her at

Erik Meyer

Erik, aka “The Dikshunaree”, is a dedicated Gooner (don’t hold it against him), uses 3 words when he could use 1, and can be communicated with electronically at

Rielle Mathison
Admin Assistant

Rielle, aka “Hey, You”, is based out of our London office. She still gets lost coming to work, adopts stray cats, dogs, and people, and can be reached at


Incredible clients, awesome team, international quote some random song: is this real life, or is this a fantasy?


I'm inspired by my colleagues every single day, and bring that creativity to the work I do for our clients.


Our team is one-of-a-kind in how we all work together so harmoniously, and it really shows for our clients.